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* Quest Cedar Homes/ Linda Gottlieb, Orange County, CA submitted by Robin; bad drawings, workmanship, leaky window walls
Lindal Cedar Homes Rip-Offs
* Lindal Cedar Homes, M.W. & Legacy Homes Intl. LLC were Banned From Doing Business in Maryland. 
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*  Prescott Designer Homes, AZ/ Gary Mevis submitted by Charlie
Turney; Charlie forfeits $38,601 deposit for bad drawings
* Brookside Custom Homes/Sudbury, MA. submitted by S.S; Unhappy Lindal owner can't find service for her failing sunroom
An Ex-Cedar Homes Dealer Tells All .."Looking back I can honestly say that getting involved with Lindal was the worst business decision I ever made." 
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* Atlantic Custom Homes/ Jim Johnston of Cold Spring, NY submitted by Richard Hoff; 56 defective windows, no response from Lindal      
* Another reader saved from disaster submitted by Gary Rudzena; "After reading bad reviews and complaints about Lindal I am scared to death to even think about this company as a source for a new home.
NEW....LOWBALLING: A Dealer Scam you need to know about now if you are bidding a project.     
*  Prescott Designer Homes, AZ/ Gary Mevis submitted by Carlin Coleman-Selby; Mevis turns up unprepared for pre-trial hearing. CARLIN WINS SETTLEMENT!
*  Prescott Designer Homes, AZ/ Gary Mevis more disturbing information about how Prescott misrepresents licensure & credentials  
* Bill Crist, Michael's Construction, Redding, CA. submitted by Dr.Gary Snodgrass; ultimate nightmare from HELL, 20 years later     
* Another Unhappy Customer Facing $25,000 in Window Replacements submitted by Doug Fulton
* AUGUST '07  Berkshire Custom Cedar Homes, Hal Kolbrin / REG Ass. & Ralph Gleason, Otis, Mass. submitted by John Hart; arbitration over shoddy workmanship
* Legacy Homes Intl./ John & Marilyn DeReggi, Boyds, MD. Ed's 2 year battle to recover $10,338 deposit.
How to Avoid Rip-Offs
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*  What's Wrong on Planet LINDAL? The danger of incompetent dealers.
Read our 10-Point Survival Guide before you sign. The odds are against you.  
 How to Avoid Rip-Offs
* Western Carolina Cedar Homes/ Burrell Shaw, Waynesville, NC submitted by T.V; dealer using deceptive high-pressure tactics, phantom builders
Find out why most complaints never reach the public.
Customer saves money, goes local.  "I was considering a Lindal addition until I read ALL the info online, including yours. Thank You for your frank discussion. The thought of buying a Lindal kit and having a builder simply 'assemble' it was too good to be true. I'm now doing a custom addition with a reputable local design/build. Thanks Again!"  Brent Cooper, D.C.
Customer decides Lindal is too risky.  "Thanks for your very educational & informative website. I recently met with a Lindal rep for the first time and because of your website, I will not be using them for my sunroom.  The information proved to be a huge savings, emotionally & financially, so your effort is appreciated. Thanks Again."  D.K., Seattle, WA 
Chronic Leaks, No Dealer Oversight   
*  Our Crummy Lindal Sunroom Fell Apart in 10 Yrs. 
                       "Seattle Cedar Homes" Steals $33,600 Deposit with the Usual 'Bait and Switch' Pricing Games.....Buyers Save $300,000 Designing Their Own Dream Home......
The BIG Question IS: "Who Needs Lindal?" from Seattle, Washington
".....Lindal refused to give us written costs on the materials & intentionally kept the modifications vague & confusing, so we never knew where we stood. This left us totally vulnerable to their pricing games and set us  up to have our deposit unfairly confiscated, even though we received no materials! ".....Full Story 
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                                                    Washington Couple Wins Settlement at Mediation!
After a 3-year legal battle with Lindal Cedar Homes to recover their lost $33,600 deposit, Steve and Mariam H. of Seattle were awarded a substantial settlement at their pre-arbitration hearing.
An investigation of Lindal's business practices had revealed that the couple's dealer, Seattle Cedar Homes, was in fact, not an independent dealer as represented but was actually Lindal Cedar Homes operating behind a trade name. (The current website of Seattle Cedar Homes simultaneously lists itself as a "wholly owned subsidiary of LCH" AND a "local independent distributor of Lindal Cedar Homes.")
The complaint also exposed Lindal's "bait and switch" tactics and other bidding irregularities which forced the buyers to abandon the project after receiving inflated and unsubstantiated price quotes. The couple never received any materials in exchange for their deposit. Congratulations to Steve and Mariam for hanging in there! Link to full story is printed below.
UPDATE  August, 2011
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Bad Dealers
by an Ex-Lindal Dealer, Sunroom Owner & Contractor 
April, 2010
                             Illinois Woman Reaches Settlement with "Manitou Custom Homes"
  As reported on Ripoff Report and other sources, an Illinois woman was awarded a settlement from Ken Whipple/Manitou
  Homes after losing her deposit due to the usual Lindal pricing games. An investigation also revealed that the buyer was
  strong-armed to  finish the project based on statements that the order had been manufactured when, in fact, the job had 
  never progressed beyond the initial drawing phase. An agreement was reached after the buyer created a website and 
  launched an internet blitz to expose Lindal/Manitou's deceptive business practices. Congratulations, E.L.!
March, 2009
          More Complaints and Lawsuits 
* The High Costs of ARBITRATION
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